Monsters Ink – Part Two

31 Jan

You may remember before Christmas I gave you a little sneaky peek at the tattoo I had to commemorate my 30th birthday and engagement. It’s a lovely little piece of art, and as it has healed and settled in it has felt more and more like a part of me. Last week I decided to add to it a little bit and now not only do I have a little blue swallow in order to be my ‘something blue’ for my wedding. but I also now have a sister swallow for him, carrying my engagement ring. This means that if, God forbid, anything ever happens to my ring, I will always have it with me. I know, I’m a soppy little thing.

I’m also very pleased to have been included in Mr Monster’s masterpiece of a sleeve. He had a six hour sitting to add to what he had already and has immortalised me and the cats in the form of little hand-prints and kitty paw-prints. Bless!

You can see the rest of his marvellous sleeve on his blog

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