7 Jan

There is a little party inside my brain today! Mr Monster and I have had a morning of nothing but amazing news and we couldn’t be happier. Firstly…posting about my sadness surrounding the death of my sewing machine and my struggle to get a new one, I have had several kind offers from friends and family to help my plight. It’s amazing the kindness shown by loved ones when situations like this arrive and I am massively touched and thankful for the gestures which have been made.

I’ve considered my options carefully and have come up with a plan which should mean that at the end of the month I can be bringing home a brand new, shiny, sure to be very loved Brother Innovis 350 from my beloved Stitch Academy, on which I can continue monstering and start brushing up my skills to finally make The Dress. I can not wait!

Secondly…We haven’t sent out invitations for the wedding yet as the numbers aren’t finalised but we did contact a few friends in far flung places to give them plenty of notice to make arrangements. It would seem that a lot of them are planning on making the long and lets face it, expensive journey back to the UK to join us on our special day. Amazing!

And thirdly…Look how cute Tilly is!


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