Rest in Peace Old Friend

31 Dec

Shortly before Christmas, I had to say goodbye to my trusty old sewing machine. Despite resuscitating her a few times, I eventually had to let her slip away so wanted to pay my respects.

My Sewing Machine

She and I first met five years ago, Christmas day 2006. She was a gift from my parents as I was just leaving university and setting up home for the first time. I had visions of being a domestic goddess and making cushions and curtains but after a few small disasters I became disillusioned and she lay lonely and unused for some time.

Until, that is, I heard her calling me nearly two years ago. Her soft voice spoke to me, telling me to try again. While my mother was visiting one weekend she gave me a quick refresher lesson and from then on my machine and I were the best of friends. From humble beginnings bodging together sock monsters, we have grown in tandem and improved our skills to a point of making fabric art to be proud of.

She has been my constant companion, my partner in crime, and my sanctuary since we cut the thread of that first sock creature back in 2010 and her recent demise has caused me great sadness.


It does mean that I have justification to buy the sexy, shiny, machine of my dreams. I realised that I still couldn’t afford to buy it outright but found a company who do it online with 0% finance so decided to go down that route. As it is new year I’m having to wait to see if my application is accepted so my fingers are firmly crossed and my new machine could be with me by the end of next week. I have some major projects planned (one exciting one in particular, more on that another time) and am very excited to start bonding with this new machine.

My beautiful little recently deceased starter machine will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in my heart for getting me to this point. Let us celebrate our journey together.

From humble sock based beginnings:



Graduating on to fabric creations of my own design:


Draught excluder



We start to find our style:

Ginger cat



To some of our more recent creations:


Chicken Stripper

The Burbalies

Rest in peace old friend.


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