New Monster Mummies!

28 Dec

I love nothing more than to see monsters go off to their loving new homes and it was great to see the Burbalies so well received by their owners.

The Burbalies

From left to right this is Angela, Linda and Lesley, Mr Monsters mum (Linda) and aunts with their little critters who live at the bottom of the garden. With the aid of a botanical encyclopaedia we have managed to find suitable names for them based on their embellished plant life so again, from left to right we have, Pompanette (a type of daisy), Pandora (a genus of strawberry) and Popple (a species of fuchsia).

Mr Monster and I had a thoroughly lovely Christmas. We were well and truly spoiled and have come home feeling like we have been well looked after over the last few days.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine has well and truly died now so I seriously need to think about getting my mitts on a new one – watch this space. In any case, it means no sewing for a few days. I don’t know how I’ll cope!



One Response to “New Monster Mummies!”

  1. Linda December 31, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    I love love love my Burbalie. Her name is Pandora and she has pride of place in my craft room. I have caught her gazing wistfully out of the window on one occasion and have promised her that if she is good she can go out and play when it is warmer. Her sisters can come as well. Auntie Jenny can have a cuddle whenever she is in Burton. Thanks for giving me a new friend and for the love and thought that you put into the project. xx

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