Ramona Black

6 Dec

I’ve not been able to show you much of my work lately as a lot if it has been Christmas presents which I don’t want anyone to see before they receive them. However, today’s finished article is a commission for someone who I’m assured won’t be looking at the blog so it is safe to reveal her!

Ramona BlackRamona ran away from home at the age of six to join the Circus of Terror, she was kicked out at fourteen for misuse of circus property during an ill-fated game of spin-the-bottle. She is currently studying hard at vampire college to earn her fangs. During her teenage years Ramona has developed a violent dislike of Justin Bieber and the colour pink, but LOVES fish fingers, melancholy, and natural disasters.

Ramona Black

Ramona Black

Ramona was commissioned as a Christmas gift for a fourteen year old girl who is into the whole ’emo’ type thing. I had to visit a few alternative shops and do some internet research to try to get into that mindset as it’s all changed since I was that age. I must also tip my hat to the wonderful plush artist Junker Jane. I have been loving her work recently and there is undoubtably a large influence from her in this latest piece. I hope she goes down well on Christmas day!


2 Responses to “Ramona Black”

  1. Wazeau December 6, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    Very nice work – she is going to be a big hit, perfectly caught the emo feel.

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