Craftastic New Workspace

24 Nov

All the best ideas start with a menu and an eyeliner…..

Mr Monster and I were out having a cheeky Wetherspoons Sunday roast a couple of weeks ago when all of a sudden inspiration struck. We had been throwing around ideas about how to make our rented flat feel more like ‘ours’ and it all started to fall into place.

I searched my handbag for a pen but all I could find was an old and defunct eyeliner so we used that to scrawl on the back of the paper menu as the ideas started to flow. The flat is a two bed, one massive room that we were using as a bedroom and a smaller one which had become my messy little craftroom. Not really the best use of the space so we set about working out if we could swap the two over. On paper it looked great so the next day we gave it a go. It was no easy task with heavy furniture and so much stuff to move but we make a good team and both worked really hard to get it done. It looked great and we now have a cosy little bedroom and the big room has been split in two to become half music room and half craft room. This has been great for Mr Monster as, with teaching guitar lessons from home, he has a really lovely space with comfy sofas for his clients.

There was one casualty of the move. Mr Monster had constructed me a makeshift work bench from half a wardrobe flipped on it’s side, I over-estimated it’s sturdiness, piled loads of stuff on it and SPLAT! It collapsed. So…I just had to order a snazzy new corner bench from Ikea which got delivered today. By the time I got home from work, Mr Monster had put it all together and presented me with my amazing new workspace. I can’t wait to get crafting tomorrow! The best part is that our flat really is now exactly as we want it and feels so much more like Home. The perfect place for the monster family




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