Fantastic Mr Fox

23 Nov

Yesterday at work I had one of those supremely awful days which thankfully don’t happen very often. I was very glad when six o’clock came around and I could go home. I started to trudge across the park to get to the main road feeling thoroughly rotten and close to tears when I became aware of little clicky-clacky footprints behind me on the path. It sounded a little like one of my cats but when I turned round I saw this little chap, trotting at my heel.

Friendly FoxFriendly FoxHe was right up close to me and whenever I stopped, he stopped. The funny thing is, as with most couples, Mr Monster and I have those soppy little pet names for each other and whist I have become ‘the owl’, he has been known as ‘the fox’ and we have lots of owl and fox paraphernalia in the flat from jewellery to stuffed toys.

Being followed by this little guy as I left a terrible day behind me, was one of those amazing moments in life where you are sent a little sign that everything will be ok. As crazy as it sounds, I felt that Mr Monster was with me in fox form to tell me that everything was going to be alright and not to worry. At that moment my day changed to something wonderful. Thank you Mr Fox.


One Response to “Fantastic Mr Fox”

  1. Amy Tilston November 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    Aw, bless….! 🙂

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