Operation ‘Bring Back the Gunshow’

21 Nov

Mr Monster just posted on his blog, looking back at how his body has changed over the last few years. He used to be a personal trainer and had abs you could grate cheese on (see exhibit A below)

Mr MonsterI was in similarly good shape some time ago. At university the gym was my second home and I was in the best shape of my life which I maintained well once I started working. Very little body fat, excellent muscle tone, and was cardiovascularly extremely fit. My friends used to get me to challenge men in bars to arm wrestling matches and my party trick was doing lots and lots of press-ups. (see exhibits B, C, and D)

The GunsBunniesSanta BabyI think It’s safe to say that since we moved in together we have been on the contentment diet. We have enjoyed each other’s company and celebrated our happiness with good food and too much wine.

My realisation came when my buttons wouldn’t do up, my zips got stuck, and I found myself with nothing to wear. Out of interests sake I weighted myself one day to find that I had ballooned up to 10stone 13, putting on over a stone and a half in six months. Quite a weight for my 5’3″ frame. Through better diet and a little exercise I have since come down to 10stone 5 and feel a little healthier but would love to get down to 9stone 8. Not out of vanity but from a health perspective, and to wear some of my pretty (and pricey) dresses again.

So, Mr Monster and I have both joined a gym. I dragged my sorry behind down there in the rain this afternoon, and Mr Monster is there as we speak. It’s nice to be doing it together, both for ourselves and for each other. We will sleep well tonight.




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