I Prescribe A Holiday

7 Nov

I’m blogging from the bus just now. I’m back to work tomorrow after just over two weeks of leave and felt the need to get out of the city, so Mr Monster suggested we go and stay with his parents for a couple of days, the monsters-in-law. 

They still live in his childhood home in Burton-on-Trent, a town with a great industrial history, a friendly population and its fair share of green spaces. Compared to where I grew up in Reading, and to my adopted home in Bristol, the pace of life is far slower and as I am discovering, much more suited to my character and temperament.

I’ve felt thoroughly looked after all weekend with a fun fireworks night on Saturday (blog post to follow) and a laid back Sunday of crafting and a spectacular roast dinner.

In our flat in Bristol we only have a shower room so each evening before bed, I ran myself a nice hot bath, a rare treat. On sinking into a rich foam of scented bubbles, I felt restored. Peace and quiet is a wonderful thing, a rarity in the busy lives we all lead with quiet moments so easily filled with tv, video games, street noise and all the other distractions we are presented with. To be still, warm, cocooned, and silent, finally taking myself off standby and pressing the ‘off’ button, was a pleasure I hadn’t experienced in a long time and was a great way to reboot my tired system.

Today Mr Monster and I went for a walk in the surrounding countryside and I realised that this was something we actually hadn’t done before. It would seem that this is what I had been missing in my life and in our relationship but just hadn’t realised it. Crisp fresh air, autumn colours, and no distractions from good conversation. Listening to Mr Monster talk about playing football with his dad and riding his bike through the woods made me love him even more. We chatted our way up and down hills, along river banks, and even stopped to say hello to some beautiful horses. When we got back to the house for lunch, I felt a renewed connection to him. We don’t have a car so getting to the country for a walk isn’t easy living in central Bristol as we do, but I enjoyed today so much that I am determined to try.

Now we are on our way home and looking forward to some kitten cuddles when we get through the front door. Mr Monster is listening to music and I’m blogging on my phone which is making me feel a little travel sick so I had better sign off. Time for a snooze….


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