Perpetual Motion

14 Oct

He’s quite clever really is my Mr Monster. He is a wiz with any kind of technology and is excellent with design. His latest project has been designing the brochure for the Bristol leg of Oxjam, a music festival in aid of Oxfam, and I must say that his work has been magnificent.

But I digress, why am I singing his praises on this occasion? One of his ‘things’ is these little animated photos called cinemagraphs. He is so good at them that he was even featured by CBS news and has a ‘how to’ video on youtube with many thousands of views.

It struck me that the needle of my sewing machine in perpetual motion would make a great subject for one of these little works of art so today (while my work bench was uncharacteristically tidy!) we set about taking a little bit of film of me sewing. Mr Monster worked his magic and this is the result. At first it looks like a normal photo but keep an eye on the needle.


Clever eh?!

If you want to see some more of his cinemagraphs you can find it here and some more here. Very impressive stuff.


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