The Fanciest of Dresses

9 Oct

Halloween is fast approaching and along with that comes Mr Monster’s birthday. We’re having a combined Halloween/birthday party following on from Bristol’s epic ‘Zombie Walk’. Over 3000 people in their finest zombie attire leaving a trail of fear and fake blood all over Bristol town centre. The plan is to take part in the walk and then party it up at the flat. I haven’t done the zombie walk before but this is Mr Monster’s effort from last year as a zombie bridegroom complete with priest and bride, just before we met.

The house party bit is easy; red light-bulbs, cauldrons of punch with the occasional floating plastic spider, and a few disgusting looking canapees handed around on spider-web coated trays. That I can do.

The problem I’m having is inspiration for the costume to end all costumes. As hostess with the mostess I can’t get away with a lame and clichéd token of an outfit – It has to be a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, envy-fest of an ensemble with no holds barred.

But what to do? We all know how it feels to turn up at a party wearing the same dress as another guest, so imagine turning up to the zombie walk and finding that you are just one of a hundred zombie Winehouses or undead brides. I’m not having that.

So I am faced with the challenge of coming up with something totally original, never done before, and utterly perfect…no pressure.

The other trap I don’t want to fall into is the whole ‘slutty’ culture which can surround dressing up for Halloween. If I want to be a pirate, why must I be a slutty pirate? If I want to be a Ghostbuster, why must I have my boobs bursting out of my overalls? Nope, that’s not for me, unless I decide to go as a zombie whore that is, in which case it would be perfect. (unlikely)

I have been through many ideas. Zombie Dorothy, mauled to death by an undead Toto. Zombie Penelope Pitstop, covered in tyre tracks from being mown down by the rest of the wacky races. Zombie prom-queen stabbed in the back by a jealous rival (not original I know but I could play the part a treat). I just don’t know what to choose. I spent much of today watching last night’s Strictly Come Dancing and am struck with the idea of a zombie ballroom dancer – along the same lines as the prom-queen but possibly more original. I’m thinking beautiful but torn and bloodstained dress, mascara streaked cheeks, perhaps a stiletto heel buried in head – all very ‘murder on the dance floor’.

Whatever I choose I will have fun putting together an outfit and playing the part on the day. As a seamstress, I have a reputation to live up to! Rest assured I will keep you posted as it comes together and of course treat you to a gallery of photos from the day itself. Stay tuned!


One Response to “The Fanciest of Dresses”

  1. Valerie October 10, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    A blood stained nurse could be good. A nice white apron to splatter with the red stuff!!
    Mum XX

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