Turning Fashion on it’s Head

30 Sep

In my younger days I worked for a time as a window dresser for John Lewis. To a certain degree I loved it as they are a very good employer and I got to use my creativity, dress very big dollies up in lovely clothes, and decorate christmas trees to within an inch of their alpine lives.

I worked to achieve my NVQ in visual merchandising and am proud of the skills I learned in the job including becoming very good at putting together flat packed furniture, and using machinery like bandsaws and nailguns. For a girlie-girl, I’m actually pretty handy thanks to that job.

The only downside of working for a company like John Lewis was that it had the potential to feel a little stifling. They are incredibly good at what they do but can be a little set in their ways and if you don’t have ‘green blood’, you just won’t fit in.

Remember when it was really fashionable to wear a bustier over the top of a white shirt circa 2002ish?

All the rival stores in town had mannequins showcasing this latest style so to keep up with the competition I did the same thing on one of the so-called ‘trend’ models. I was subsequently taken by one of the managers of the ‘trend’ department to look at the model and asked if I really thought this was appropriate. I responded by wearing this style to the christmas party despite hating it,  in silent protest against the oppression of my freedom of expression and in defiance of their insistence of ignoring fashion in a fashion-led business.

But why am I telling you all this? Today Mr Monster and I went out shopping and whilst struggling home with many heavy bags I felt compelled to stop and take this photo of the window display in Blue Banana.

From graphics, to mannequins, to lava lamps, everything is upside-down. Not the best way to show off the stock, but certainly makes people stop, smile, and decide to go in for a look around. I absolutely love it and it just goes to show what is possible if you are given the space to let your creativity run free.


One Response to “Turning Fashion on it’s Head”

  1. Linda October 1, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    OMG I love it. That is so ingenious. I love to see unusual window displays as well. One of the best was in Newquay..I think it was a surfing shop. The window was jam packed full of blow up dolls. It was fabulous. Have a photo somewhere will dig it out.

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