Lucky Me!

21 Sep

I talk about Mr Monster quite a bit on this blog  to say the least, and I knew there had to be a reason why… Today he presented me with a brand new netbook. I am reliably informed that it has a 10.1 inch display, dual core 1.66GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 250GB hard drive, but who cares… It’s freakin’ pink, and not just any old pink, it’s coral pink.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw.


The colour is officialy called ‘strawberry yogurt’ and best of all, the model itself is called HAPPY2, it is certainly living up to it’s promise.

I have realised just how important the internet is in building a business, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and so many other things.  As Mr Monster and I both have our own businesses, my trusty MacBook is constantly passed between us of an evening. The result is that we both spend a lot of our time together in the evening ‘wired in’ to the computer and focusing on our own work. It makes me sad that as we have to take it in turns, one of us has to keep ourselves amused while the other works and then before we know it, it’s time for bed and the whole night has passed without much quality time.

My new little lappy is the perfect solution. It also means I can watch iPlayer in the craft room, write whenever inspiration strikes, and sit in cafe’s looking all sophisticated, tapping away with a steaming americano by my side.

This is my very first post from my beautiful new laptop and I have been smiling all the while. Thankyou Mr Monster xx


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