Monster Medicine

11 Sep

Any devotees of the blog will have heard a little about my ups and downs, inconvenient, irrational but not entirely uncommon amongst us creative types.

On the whole the ups make me super-productive and overflowing with ideas whereas the downs leave me lethargic and devoid of creative energy. I had a bit of what Mr Monster would call a ‘moment’ last night and have spent most of the day in bed and struggling to motivate myself.

We got to chatting about long-term plans to limit my downs and of course the conversation came round to monsters (as most of my conversations tend to do). We started throwing around some business ideas and we came up with a few possible leads. Despite my lethargy, Mr Monster who as always knows what is best for me, frogmarched me into the craft room, plied me with coffee and encouraged me to get sewing.

At first I struggled to get going but as soon as a monster started to take shape I forgot my black mood entirely and started to enjoy myself. The feeling of achievement I get from seeing a little character start to take shape is intensely satisfying and thoroughly worthwhile.

What I have learned today is most certainly that, along with coffee and cuddles, monsters are most definitely the best medicine

One Response to “Monster Medicine”

  1. Mum September 12, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    ……..and do you notice how much more like a monster this actually looks………

    Love you
    Mum xx

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