Clickedy Clack, Clickedy Clack

30 Aug

My monstering enterprise now has staff! … Kind of.

I have ’employed’ my mother to give me a hand with some new autumnal monsters I’m planning. I have pursueded her to flex her knitting muscles in return for payment in the form of cuddles from my kittens and a few cups of tea.

Seriously, that woman is amazing with a pair of knitting needles. You know that saying about the hand being quicker than the eye? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ until you watch my mum turn a ball of wool into a jumper at something approaching the speed of light. With one eye on Corrie, just a quick flick of the wrist and BAM … A scarf!

Now that my favourite season is drawing in and I start dreaming of bonfires, conker fights, and toffee apples, my monsters are taking on a more cosy feel. I’m all about chunky knits and lots of layers. I do have some rudimentary knitting skills but my mum is far faster and neater than I could ever be so I’ve put her to work knocking me up a nice line in miniature hats and scarves to adorn some of my creations. They should be winging their way to me in the post over the next few days so keep an eye on the blog for some comfy cosy creatures.


2 Responses to “Clickedy Clack, Clickedy Clack”

  1. Andy Valentine August 31, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    Good use of the Oxford comma, m’dear

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