All in the Name of Charity

26 Aug

Feeling a little bleary eyed this morning after a fantastic evening out in the name of a good cause. Last night the Bristol leg of Oxjam had it’s launch party right on my doorstep. The start of a month-long series of music events to raise money for oxfam by showcasing local talent. Mr Monster was asked to perform and perform he did. As usual the crowd were singing along with his ‘acoustic re-imaginings of 80’s and 90’s dance tracks’ and doing their best monkey impressions during a characteristically raucous performance of King of the Swingers. He went down a storm… and I am only a teeny bit biased.

My highlight of the evening was the chance to meet the lovely Helen Martin. I was even privelidged enough to recieve one of her shiny new business cards and for once I had my own to give in return! Helen is a local writer and creator/editor of the forthcoming Lionheart magazine. An exciting project bringing together culture, art, creativity and style and showing it off to the world. An inspirational idea and one which I am very excited to say that I am going to be a part of. More on that another time. Let’s just say that this has been a very exciting week in monster land and I have a lot to tell you about as and when it comes to fruition.

Stay tuned!


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