My New Hero

25 Aug

I am more than just monsters, I am also bugs…

Perhaps I should expand on that. By day I am a dental hygienist with a particular love of the ins and outs of bacteria. Complex, beautiful communities of bugs which communicate with one another and use complicated teamwork to overcome even the most sophisticated of immune systems. Strange I know, but in lecturing on the subject to postgraduate level I have become enthralled in this little miniature world, not to mention viruses, fungi and countless other fascinating little micro-organisms.

Imagine my delight in stumbling upon a website which combines my two passions, microbiology and plush monsters, into one glorious hybrid of weird scientific cuteness! An American Law graduate by the name of Drew Oliver saw the beauty in the world of micro-organisms and struck upon the idea of manufacturing lovable plush versions a million times the size of the real thing. This somewhat way-out idea proved to be massively popular and is now a multi-million dollar business with a fabulous and fun website and stockists from hospital gift-shops to educational catalogues.

They come as singular huggable beasties or as miniature versions in their very own petri dish. I am particularly coveting Mad Cow disease, I have never wanted a horrible disease so badly!


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