Craft Room Carnage

18 Aug

Having my own dedicated craft room is quite possibly the best thing which could have happened to my monster empire. Ask any of my friends to describe me in a few words and I’m sure most of them would include some variation of ‘messy’ ‘disorganised’ or ‘hideous bombsite’. At university I was renowned for my bedroom in our halls being a deathtrap and my reputation has never recovered. That said, messyness works for me creatively – tidyness makes me slightly edgy but in a pigsty I feel my creative juices flowing.

I was limiting my monstering activity after moving in with Mr Monster because I just didn’t want to impose my mess on him, especially as we live in a very open plan loft. Now that I have the craft room which he set up for me, I can monster from noon til night, play music, sing, and best of all….not have to tidy up. Often some of my best ideas come out of a bit of disorganisation. I might throw down a skein of embroidery thread on top of a piece of fabric and suddenly be hit by a colour combination which I just hadn’t thought of, sending me off in a whole new direction.

When I finished Bernie Longbottom on Monday (so-called because he just kept getting longer and longer!) I was totally focused on the job at hand. Once the last stitch was tied off and the last button sewn on I lifted my head to have a look around. This is the sight which hit me.

Not to mention all the debris on the floor and windowsills! How I ever find anything I don’t know.


One Response to “Craft Room Carnage”

  1. Monster in law August 19, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Ha ha . I recognise that sort of mess. My room is rarely tidy ( only when it has visitors or is being photographed ) I pull things out of drawers, use them and throw them to one side. It ends up like a bomb site. Eventually I have to tidy up because I have run out of desk space or I cannot find my scissors or something. Fabulous isn’t it. Happy crafting……………………xxxx

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