Introducing…Bouncing Baby Beatrix

9 Aug
Bouncing Baby Beatrix

Bouncing Baby Beatrix

Meet Beatrix, a mischievous little bundle with a talent for persuasion. With her mind tricks she somehow convinces the babysitter to give her hot-cross buns for tea whilst staying up to watch Desperate Housewives.

Later in life she will put this talent to good use and put herself forward as a contestant on The Apprentice, eventually making her millions with an innovative gourmet peanut butter business.

Beatrix was a present for a friend who is cultivating a little bump of her own. We threw her a baby shower on Sunday at a VERY nice vintage tea-shop in Bristol called Tart. We had a wonderful time abusing ourselves with scones and jam, drinking gallons of tea and laughing like hyenas. A good time was had by all.

Mr Monster came up with the idea of wrapping her up like a gift from the stork with some beautiful fabric and some bamboo so he went about constructing this while I made an airmail gift tag from the stork with my beautiful new Tim Holtz distress inks. Check it out!

Stork Bundle!

Stork Bundle!


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