The Nicest of Gifts

6 Aug

You may remember some weeks ago that I wrote a post eulogising Mr Monster’s mum’s craft room. Well, I went on about it so much that Mr Monster eventually gave in and I came home one day to find that he had turned our spare room into a fledgling craft area. I was incredibly touched and may have even had a teeny bit of a cry.

As you may have gathered from his blog he is a creative soul himself so we can both make good use of the room which at the moment consists of a bench with my sewing machine and lots of work space surrounded by MANY disorganised boxes and bags full of supplies. Eventually I want to get the whole place organised with drawers and labelled compartments but that will have to wait. For now there is too much crafting to do!


2 Responses to “The Nicest of Gifts”

  1. Linda August 7, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    it is fabulous Jenny. So pleased for you. You will be amazed what a different it makes. You will soon have all the storage etc that you wany, that comes with time. Mine developed over a number of monthes and I changed it many times…and still do. Enjoy…enjoy. xx

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