I’ve Been To A Marvellous Party

28 Jul

Whilst on our gorilla hunt at the weekend we may have accidentally stopped at Bristol’s finest jazz establishment, The Old Duke for a cheeky yet oh so refreshing pint of cider. While I was paying at the bar I spotted something on the ‘what’s on’ board which sent a shudder of excitement down my weary spine. Top Shelf Jazz were to grace the stage on the coming Wednesday evening. An amazing band who play exactly the kind of 20’s style jazz which acts as my version of catnip. I go crazy for it, it makes me euphorically happy and takes me back to a bygone era of moonshine, cloche hats and that funny wobbly knee dance.

I insisted that Mr Monster and I go along and I am so glad that we did. The five-piece band in vintage suits and shiny brogues whipped the crowd into a filthy jazz frenzy of music at it’s foot-stomping, hat-waving, jewellery-jangling best. Check out these photos which Mr Monster took….you can almost smell the opium! But that wasn’t all our evening had in store for us……..

And as if all this excitement wasn’t enough, during the interval most of the crowd spilled out of the bar into the street for a bit of fresh air and a break from the jazz smog. As soon as we were all outside we heard the distant sound of a trumpet…a trombone…the building sound of a brass band drawing closer. From a side street emerged a strange, ghostly cohort of musicians dressed in a style half pirate, half Dame Edna. They came to a standstill around the local gorilla and put on a cracking show of popular songs which got the crowd singing with gusto. A fine half-time treat. Turns out they are a local collective called The Ambling Band and they can amble my way anytime. Check out some pictures of them over on Mr Monsters Blog.


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