Wow! Gorillas…A Day Well Spent

24 Jul

Mr Monster and I set ourselves a challenge today. Bristol is currently home to around 60 painted gorilla sculptures as part of a project to celebrate 175 years of Bristol Zoo. We have stumbled across a few of the ones on our doorstep and decided that today was the day to set about bagging the lot. We headed out with our camera, a map and a dogged determination. 8 hours and 22 miles on foot later we arrived home with 50 gorillas under our belts, exhausted and satisfied but in desperate need of a Sunday Roast and a well deserved glass of wine.

We took two sets of photos. Mr Monster took some really lovely arty ones which you can find on his blog, they are a good opportunity to see the sculptures in their settings and looking their best. We also took it in turns to pose with the gorillas to prove that we were there! All in all it was a lovely day spent in wonderful company with a worthwhile mission to complete. We will certainly sleep well tonight.


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