What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

9 Jul

Hello fabric fans!  You may have noticed a short hiatus in my blogging, the Monster household is only blessed with one laptop and Mr Monster has been beavering away on a few projects. You can see the fruits of his labours on his blog.  He has been getting pretty damn good at using Garageband on the mac to record himself performing some of his favourite tracks. He surpassed himself with a rendition of Big Love by Fleetwood Mac. I was genuinely shocked by the quality of it, I knew he was good but I never knew you could get something like that out of just a laptop.

The other thing he has been working on are these things called Cinemagraphs, photos with one continually moving element. Check them out.  Very clever if you ask me, I plan to commission him to do one for me, continually threading fabric through my sewing machine.

Anyway…..enough about him, these are just my flimsy excuses for not having blogged in a while. I have been in a flurry of fabric and thread today trying to get somewhere with my current top secret project. I have seven little monsters to finish by Friday and am making good progress. My kitchen table on the other hand is suffering the consequences.


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