Smell Like a Monster

9 Jul

I always appreciate a bit of entertaining advertising. I loved the red car and the blue car, the Evian babies, the rollerskating panda and now the Cravendale cats with thumbs!

I think my all time favourite was just a simple Mcvities adverts featuring two middle aged ladies laughing at a camera zoom lens going in and out with the voice over ‘You reeeeally need to get out more’. Genius.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am extremely gullible when it comes to having products pushed on me through TV, poster campaigns and magazine ads.  I’ll buy anything if it makes me laugh, as evidenced by the time I bought a Big Issue magazine purely because the chap selling it was shouting ‘I know it’s crap but it’s only a pound’. Or the time I gave a homeless guy a fiver because he had made an elephant costume from cardboard boxes and was wearing it around town making trumpeting noises to amuse the kids.

My newest obsession is the ‘Old Spice’ campaign.  You know the one…..’Look at your man, now look at me’……’I’m on a boat with two tickets to that thing you love’. Imagine my delight when Mr Monster introduced me to this version featuring a very special guest!


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