Global Domination – Phase One

22 Jun

Have you noticed some changes around here? 

Look up…

Up there…

Top of the page…

See!  I have a new monster gallery and a contact page courtesy of Mr Monster (seriously, I wouldn’t have had the foggiest where to start).  It means you can now browse through some of my creations from the early days of prototype sock monsters inspired by John Murphy – right through to some of my favourite, more recent monsters.

The contact page will allow you to get in touch with me with comments or monster requests.  Eventually I will be adding a page specifically for my keepsake babygro monsters – turning well loved but long grown-out of baby clothes into special character monsters to give them a new lease of life and preserve them forever.  I will be making a few mock-ups in order to use images of them in my promotional material which is all very exciting.  Once Mr Monster has photographed the hell out of them, I plan to submit them to ‘Stuffed’ magazine, an excellent American publication which has become my softie bible and gives me huge joy when it drops through my letterbox.

Keep checking back for more exciting developments in the world of the mistress!


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