A Shiny New Start

20 Jun

Hello fabric fans and welcome to my shiny new blog courtesy of Mr Monster’s amazing IT skills.  He put this together for me, imported all my old posts from the ‘Blogger’ days and even designed me a killer logo, check it out at the top of the page….isn’t he clever?!

Any regular followers will have noticed that I have been in a bit of a blogging black-hole for the last couple of months, what with moving house, gaining a cat and loosing a P.  Mr Monster explains that one better than me in this post from his blog:  http://andyvalentine.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/youve-taken-the-p/.Monstering had taken a little bit of a back burner in favor of sorting out my new life, but I am now back on track.  Yesterday I set myself up a little sewing corner in the new flat, henceforth known as ‘The Loft’, and started a new top secret project involving seven little monsters for seven deserving recipients…..more on that next month.

Anyway….extending a hearty welcome back to any of my regular followers, and sending tight virtual squeezes to any new peeps who have stumbled across me.  Keep checking back for more monster developments.


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