The Frog Comes to Fruition!

13 Jan

My dearest fabric fans…may I present to you the fruits of this evenings labours. He is in an unstuffed state as I haven’t yet bought the grain to fill him with so as he can go in the microwave to keep my lovely Sarah warm. Here she is by the way:

Isn’t she gorgeous? It seemed only fitting that her frog in shining armour should have a crown.

A cheeky little Froglet who likes to kiss the girls and make them cry, mostly owing to the fact that he doesn’t turn into a prince and leaves a faint slimy residue. He likes drinking cold tea and is a huge fan of Masterchef’s Greg Wallace, Froglet shares Mr Wallace’s passion for puddings.

I hope his new owner likes him when he arrives. xxx

One Response to “The Frog Comes to Fruition!”

  1. Biscuit McGhee January 15, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    >He's adorable!!! I love the little crown perfectly perched upon his head!

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